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2012 Houston Aeros and Autos/Half Mile Shootout

I left home at about 12 P.M. and I was glad that this awesome event, on a nice spring day, was held in Ellington Field because it is close to where I live. Every other major car event that I have attended in the past had to be quite some miles from home. After about 10 minutes, I arrived to the entrance, finding out that the Airfield was very vast, much larger than I had expected it to be because it was my first time actually being inside of the fences of the airfield.

Some Jets parked

As some of you may or may not know, Ellington Field, or also known as Ellington International Airport, is a U.S. Military Airbase located in Houston, Texas that was built in 1917.  Now, this place is being used for Military purposes, NASA stuff, Aviation and many other things. On May 12th, 2012, it’s being used for the 4th annual 2012 Houston Aeros and Autos and the first ever Houston Half Mile Shootout. Both of these events were running at the same time so while someone on one side of the facility was seeing the cars and airplanes, on the other side, someone was seeing big horsepower machines going down the airport runway as fast as it can before crossing the half mile maker.

Few planes on the far end of the runway
That is a lot of cars

It was a tiring event because I was literally walking for about 3 hours. On one side of the runway, going towards where you can see the cars running the half mile, there was food stands, airplanes, and other goodies. If you turn to the other side on that same runway, you would see nothing but cars and some planes at the far end. The cars that were there are mostly lowrider/customized cars, American cars, and a few imports/Euro cars. It was a spectacular sight seeing so many cars lined up against one another.

Just a few lowriders
Good ole American cars

After some time just walking around with my dad and looking around, we decided to head to the pit area where you would see nothing but speed machines. When I saw the UGR Twin Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera pass me, I knew that the cars ahead would only get better and better. It was fun seeing so many cars that can easily climb higher than 150 MPH. Most of the cars were just normal supercars such as the Nissan GT-R, Ford GT, and the Lamborghini Gallardo. I saw some really exotic cars though like the Lexus LFA and the McLaren MP4-12C. Many of the cars in the pits are already fast in stock form, but with the help of some forced induction, you can get them going like a cockroach running for its life.

I want that Twin Turbo Ford GT so bad

I love fast Supras!

Wandering around the pits made our feet tired, so my father and I decided to go to the grassy tent-covered area, where you can see the cars run the 1/2 mile, to sit down and rest our feet while also seeing cars and motorcycles run 150+ MPH speeds. The fastest we got to see was a Suzuki Hayabusa running 201 MPH as I try to recall. The minutes passed by until it was getting close to 4:00 P.M. which meant it was time to leave.

Effort Racing’s Ferrari F430 Challenge racing car
Chevy Corvette about to cross the 1/2 mile marker

I had a great time at the event and I can’t till next year. By the way, I also heard that the 1/2 mile run will be extended to a full mile soon. With one full mile to run, you can expect many of these same cars that attended the Half Mile Shootout to hit past 200 MPH which sounds very exciting.

Hope you enjoyed! You can check out all the photos I took here. I also took a  few videos of the event here.

For the full results of the Houston Half Mile Shootout, click on this link: http://www.houstonmile.com/results/

– Faustino

The Volcano Orange McLaren MP4-12C
The Hennessey Hammer Wagon
This Twin Turbo Hennessey Ford GT was the fastest completing the half mile at 212.9 MPH
Don’t mess with the S.W.A.T.
The definition of hydraulics on your car
Rest in Peace Mr. Carroll Shelby, you made some awesome cars like these 3 Cobras


Twin Turbos on this Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
The rare Lexus LFA was present that day as well


Huey Helicopter
This is an actual Impala SS Chevy NASCAR Stock Car
Creative way to cool down an engine
Rear of the F430 Challenge


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