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April 2012 Ride of the Month

In 2000 the Ford Focus made its debut as a replacement for the Ford Escort. This particular compact car may be an unusual winner for our Ride of the Month contest.  When covering different events throughout the city there usually aren’t too many Focuses in attendance that I come across. They may not be a very popular choice when looking for a ride which you intend to modify, but there are many out there that have been modified.

Back in 2009 our Ride of the Month winner, Patrick, was given a Ford Focus to replace his broken down Ford Escape.  The Focus became Patrick’s first project. It is still undergoing construction and is not anywhere near completion yet. The original plan was to not have Goldilox, Patrick’s Focus, sitting as low as she presently sits.  Once he started lowering her, however, he couldn’t just stop, and she keeps getting lower.  Driving a car around town this low may be a bit of a challenge, but sometimes it can be worth it.

So how did this little Focus get the name Goldilocks, or as the license plate reads: ‘Goldilox’? Besides the car being a girl, and gold in color, Patrick had a few choices for the car when picking out the custom European style license plate.  Goldilox was the name he keep returning to and it just worked.  The car isn’t only accompanied by the name, but eventually the three bears will be tagging along with her, making appearances at future shows and events.  So far, only baby bear has made the trip around town with Goldilox.  Keep an eye out for Mama and Papa Bear when they join, as they might not be so easy to spot as baby bear.

“Is it functional? Nope. Do I love it? You bet I do.” – Patrick

“I don’t regret a single penny I have spent on this car, and I thank all of my friends who have offered a helping hand or words of advice.” – Patrick


Spectre SRI
Exhaust resonator delete


Painted battery cover
Painted throttle body cover
Custom Euro license plate: “Goldilox”
Painted lower grille
Painted grille & front elblem
White Ford emblem overlay
Black gas door
Painted rear diffuser
Painted badges
Tinted tail lights
Xentec 8K HID kit

JBL Sub w/ Amp
LED accent lighting (Amber)
LED dome light (White)
LED trunk light (Amber)

Wheels & Suspension
17×9 +24 Cobra R replica wheels
205/40ZR17 Falken tires
KSport Kontrol Pro Coilovers

Owner Patrick McDow



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