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August 2013 Ride of the Month

The winner of this month’s Ride of the Month contest is a Pontiac G8. Steven started off with a 4 door Chevrolet Cobalt LS that he shared with his brother. It wasn’t just a plain Cobalt though, under the hood was a full built motor with a Harron TVS supercharger. They decided to sell the car and get their own cars after his brother had an accident in the car. After selling the parts, shell, and motor they were able to purchase new rides.

Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;

He knew he had to have a G8 after falling in love with his friends white G8. Steven has a passion for 4 door vehicles, and the G8 was his perfect grocery getter. After months of searching he found one that he had to have, a Magnetic Grey Metallic G8 with sunroof. It didn’t take long for Steven to start modifying his ride, within an hour of owning the G8 he added Pypes axle backs that he acquired from his friend with the white G8. Six months later, his friend had to sell his car and Steven jumped on the opportunity to buy his built motor. Soon after the transmission solenoids went out, it was time to take the car to the shop. Since the parts were only available in Australia, and a mix up of V6 TCM and the V8 TCM, it took six months until Steven got his G8 back. Within a month however, a ticking noise form the top end started and he decided to take his G8 to an actual performance shop.

Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;

The experienced staff from 510 Race Engineering opened up the engine and found the problem right away. The trunnion in the rocker arms failed and deteriorated inside the engine. After taking the engine apart and a more thorough inspection, they found more problems within. Several parts were incorrectly installed along with several wrong parts being put in the engine. Steven kept the block, crank, pistons, rods, heads, and valve train but everything else had to be replaced. To be safe, Steven even had the stall rebuilt as a precaution. Since the engine was already apart, he decided to go ahead and upgrade the cam. 11 months later while still making payments on his G8, they were finally reunited.

Since getting his G8 back, Steven has been driving it every day. He tried to attend as many meets as possible to show off how great 510 did with the car. He loves his G8 even more now, especially since everywhere he goes, he gets head turns and stares from onlookers.

Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;

Steven still has more in store for his G8, but right now he is happy with the car and just plans on enjoying having the car back. Future plans for the G8 included Nitrous, gears, suspension upgrades, which will help him run in the high 10’s. With the upgrades and rebuild of his motor, it can handle up to 250 shot. Steven now has a new daily car to drive from school and work, which helps him appreciate his G8 even more. On the side, Steven has started his own detailing service and keeps his car clean all the time.

He loves the fact that G8’s are rare cars. With the downfall of the Pontiac brand, the G8’s were only sold for two years with almost 30,700 sold. It’s not like some other models where you see them everywhere. He gets a smile on his face every time he stops at the streetlights and catches onlookers staring at his ride.

Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;


Built Studded Bottom end
11:5:1 CR
Compstar H Beam Rods
Racetech Forged Popup Pistons
ACL Cam, Main, and Rod Bearings
GFX Piston Rings
Comp Cam Upgraded Rocker Arm Trunions
ARP Head Studs
LS7 Lifters
Viton Valve Seals
Comp Cam Push Rods, Springs with Titanium Retainers
Comp Double Roller Timing Set
Melling High Pressure Oil Pump
Ported Intake Manifold, Throttle Body, and Heads
MSD Spark Plug Wires
NGK Spark Plugs
229/236 .624″/615″ 112 LSA Comp Cam
160 Degree Thermostat
DOD Delete Kit
NEP Underdrive Pulley
OBX 1 7/8″ Long tube headers with 3″ X pipe
Vararam Intake
Bilet Oil Catch Can
Tuned by 510 Race Engineering

Camaro Trans Deep Pan with Wide Mouth Filter
Circle D 245mm 2C 3600 Stall

Carbon Fiber Wrapped Pillars and Door Handles
Smoke Wrapped Side Markers and Front bumper lights
Plastic Dipped Front Grills

Carbon Fiber Wrapped Accents

Wheels & Suspension
Camaro Brembo Brakes
Camaro Wheels
Polyurethane Front Lower and Upper Control Arm Bushings

Steven Nguyen


Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash; Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash; Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;

Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash; Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash; Advent Works: August 2013 Ride of the Month &emdash;

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