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After dealing with all the low car problems Houston has to offer, I headed over to my buddy Alex’s photo shoot down in spring at Delivery Detail. Arriving late due to getting lost in traffic lol. I managed to begin to help Alex with his setup and mange sales for merchandise as well.

advent 2

About 15 minutes went by and cars (domestic & import) started showing up like crazy, I was not ready at all for the mass amount of people coming to buy Houston Streets Merchandise!! We actually sold out on all our medium sized shirts!


Next up was Savanna Little shooting with the blood red 370z. Seeing these two together looked like peas in a pod!  They just flowed together with amazement. With his plate being WIZEUP its no wonder why no one line up with him! Fast and clean lol. I manage to get video coverage as we went along, which is my first video and edit for Houston Streets. If it seams a little rough around the edges, then that why lol.


Finally being second to last my wait was over. It was now time to have my del sol shoot with Yvonne van. I couldn’t be happier with the work Alex and Yvonne did for me, they had everything in sync every photo was AMAZING!! After about 6-8 hour shooting which meant hours and hours of editing i decided to call it a night. I was and still am very impressed with the way everything turned out. Needless to say this will not be my last photo shoot.

-Andrew Ruiz

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To see Yvonne’s full set with AWP, click here for his blog post!

Savanna’s set coming soon, check back!

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