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AutoVapes Car Meet

First event hosted by Dropout Nation was a success. After pretty much being the first one there, I honestly had my doubts about the event.

For those of you that do not know, this event is taken place in the parking lot of Vapor Parlor on Westheimer.  The reason for my doubts on the event was that well mainly this location is not low friendly. However you can enter through the side entrance which is more low friendly than the front entrance. After about 10 minutes more and more people started showing up.




After checking out most of the event, I stopped by to see this beastly attention grabber. He seriously was taller than me! ( I know Im short ) lol. I met with his owners and they showed me some tricks he could do. He is very well trained, i would love to have me a guard dog like this one!

AHHHHH Seeing my inspirational dip for my 240sx  my friend I met at HIN showed up in his clean dipped BMW. I seriously cant wait to do a Photo shoot with him!!
This one will always be one of my personal favorites!
This Clean eg Hatch had some Awesome Christmas spirit riding with him.
Just had to get the booty shot lol.
Defiantly made sure I had to get a shot of these twins together!

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-Andrew Ruiz




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