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The Big Event 9

For all the local Subaru fans, there’s one event we all look forward to each year. It’s the Big Event, which isn’t just for Subaru fans but all car enthusiasts alike. This year, it returned this past Saturday, October 21 once again at Gillman Subaru Southwest for its 9th show. Over the past few years, the car show has opened up to non-Subaru cars with the main focus is still on Subaru cars. Each year the activities available during the car show differ as well, but it’s a fun event for the whole family. Did I mention it is free? Yep, free for spectators to come join the fun and grab some food from one of the vendors while enjoying the day looking at some amazing rides.

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1843

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1866

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1884

My son recently expressed his interest in the BRZ as one of the choices he would like to have for his first car, side note I am not ready for that. Subarus aside, the debut of the new limited edition  BRZ tS on display piqued his interest even more to come out and see all the cars at Gillman Subaru Southwest. We made our way to the dealership just before lunchtime. After parking, I grabbed my gear like usually and headed to the car show to begin my coverage starting from the back area since that’s the side we entered from, we parked in the lot behind the dealership. We both made our way through the parking lot checking out each car with camera in hand, little Alex snapped away photos with his phone as I did the same with my camera. We past by the face painting, photo booth, and other activities; while my son wasn’t interested there were plenty of other kids who were.

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1903

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1908

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_1917

We continued our way to the other back area to check out the rides and the vendors that were set up there as we continued my coverage. Once I finished that side, I headed back to grab a slice of pizza from the Papa John’s booth and proceeded to make my way to the front to finish capturing each car. In the middle of walking around, shirts started falling from the sky. Well DJ Tito was having a bit of fun and shooting shirts into the sky. We continued walking around when the forecasted rain finally starting coming down on us. It wasn’t too bad so I continued snapping away in the rain to finish up the cars as I didn’t know if it would get worse. It actually didn’t last long.

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_2032

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_2077

Alex Ventura: The Big Event 9 &emdash; IMG_2104

Once I was done taking photos of all the rides, I returned to the food booths so my son could get something to eat. He grabbed a slice of pizza while I joined him, but this time I grabbed a pair of hot dogs from James Coney Island. Chick-fil-a seemed to be out of food both times I came by. Once we were finished eating, I made one last round through the venue capturing a few more photos before calling it a day. We ended up being there for a few hours and we enjoyed our time there. Now the countdown till the Big Event 10 begins, see you there!

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