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The Car Culture February 2018

This past Saturday morning, The Car Culture held their charity event once again at the West Avenue shopping center. With Houston’s recent rainy weather, I checked the forecast for the event which was clear, but I didn’t check directions that morning… which I should have.

Alex Ventura: The Car Culture February &emdash; IMG_3367

I went about my normal route to the event but was greeted with terrible traffic on highway 290… yeah yeah, I know. This is Houston and 290 is always bad but usually, I don’t have any issues Saturday mornings but this time it was different. I ended up being in the parking lot of traffic turning my usual 45-minute trek to a 2-hour crawl. So instead of arriving right at the start of the event, I arrived much later.

Alex Ventura: The Car Culture February &emdash; IMG_3373

When I finally made it to the shopping center, I grabbed my gear and made my way to do my coverage as usual, but this time probably a bit faster as I didn’t have much time to stay. The shopping strip was pretty fun of various rides and tons of people walking around. I usually head upstairs to snag some shots from above which this time I stayed on the ground level walking back and forth snagging as many photos before my time was up there. I did make time to chat with a few people here and made a new connection with photographer Anthony Scott which some of these photos are by him.

Alex Ventura: The Car Culture February &emdash; IMG_3443

Alex Ventura: The Car Culture February &emdash; IMG_3445

After a while, I had to head out but I was glad I was able to stop by for some time to check out the event. Every event, the collection¬†goes towards a different organization with this month’s collection benefiting The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Make sure to check out both galleries to see the full coverage.


Alex Ventura’s gallery

Anthony Scott’s gallery


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