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Catalina Coffee and Rice

I was in the area last weekend so I decided to swing by Catalina Coffee and Rice on Sunday morning to see how the meet was and check out cars on the side of town I usually don’t visit. It was all a street-parking based meet at what is already a busy coffee shop, so space was tight, but the cars that were there impressed me. This pair of imported-from-Japan Toyotas obviously caught my eye. The SW20 MR2 had a US-sold counterpart but sported right hand drive, and the Toyota Carina A60 was never sold in the US under any badge.

One of my favorite spots at the meet was the Final Form FC. Having been a fan of the Final Form builds since before I even moved to Houston, getting to see one of the RX-7s in person was absolutely a day-maker for me, especially when I realized it’s as polished and stunning in person as it is in photographs. Painted in brilliant 10th Anniversary special-edition white and sporting TE37s and more rare aero than I could begin to name, it has presence, to say the least.

The next car that caught my eye was this stripped down NA1 NSX, with a supercharger added onto the original VTEC V6. Classic NSXs are now getting expensive and seeing one that has been heavily modified for track performance is not a common occurrence, which made this one a unique sight.

The blend between modern tuning and classic styling at the show, despite the relatively low number of cars, was one of the most appealing things to me. It’s very easy for any meet to get dominated by a single style, so seeing a small crowd still represent a diverse mix of tastes is something I enjoy.

I’m glad I was on the other side of town and able to come check out this meet! For more shots, check out my gallery here: Catalina Coffee and Rice Coverage

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