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Coffee & Rice

Upon awakening early on Sunday morning, I was greeted with the sight of dark skies and a high chance of rain. Knowing this, I debated whether or not to pack my camera gear and head over to Tout Suite, a cafe located in downtown Houston, for the weekly Coffee & Rice meet hosted by Mayday Garage. After some thought, my petrolhead senses overcame my rational ones, and I was soon on the road for the 35 minute drive to Tout Suite.

When I arrived, there were only about six cars in total lined up under the overpass, much less than what normally shows up.




silver and red

It’s little details that set cars off, such as the Rocket Bunny carbon fiber trunk and JDM spec taillights on this G35 sedan.

RB G35

rocketb sedan


Besides these few cars, not many more showed up for the remainder of the meet.



Bruce's 280

silver fd

While Sunday’s turnout wasn’t as extravagant as those of recent past, it was still an enjoyable experience heading out to Tout Suite and admiring all of these amazing cars, not to mention chowing down on a delicious croissant. This meet is held every Sunday morning from 10-12, so if you aren’t busy then head on over to Tout Suite to experience wonderful food, a chill setting, awesome people and their beautiful machines!

Tout Suite Facebook Page

– Matt

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