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Eat, Sleep, Car Meet #46

As a newcomer to Houston, I have been excited to get a feel for what the local car scene is made of. Eat, Sleep, Car Meet seemed to have a reputation as a great meet with a good cross-section of automotive cultures, so I messaged some friends of mine from Houston Supra Club, and we rolled out together to The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea to check it out. Immediately, it looked like it was a fantastic event.

As a vintage Toyota fan and an enthusiast of offbeat and rare models, this 1992 Toyota Century immediately caught my eye, being the first one I’d ever seen in the flesh. It was imported to the US recently by its owner, who grew up in Japan dreaming of owning one. It was fully equipped with all the Century hallmark luxury features, bearing a backseat refrigerator, privacy curtains, and a full wool-upholstered interior.

Immediately after talking with the owner of the Century, I spotted two AE86 Corollas: one hatch, one coupe. These cars have solidly attained “future classic” status and seeing two GT-S models at the same event is a rarity for me, especially ones that haven’t been beaten to oblivion.

If your tastes are less eclectic than mine, however, there was still plenty to satisfy, as this trio of modern Japanese heavyweights demonstrates.

Fans of German engineering were represented as well, proving the varied nature of the meet. The last Benz pictured, a 1982 500E, was in the neighborhood of 300K miles, and showcased a full Euro-spec exterior swap, down to the AMG Ronal Penta wheels.

All in all, it was a great experience for this Houston newcomer, and I’m excited to see more of what this city’s car culture has to offer.


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