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Eat, Sleep, Car Meet HIN Pre-Meet December 2019

It’s been a while since I have joined one of the Eat, Sleep, Car Meet’s events. I just happened to be in town and with a free night to do whatever, so I ventured down south to Top Sushi in Missouri City to check out the HIN pre-meet.

Alex Ventura: ESCM HIN Pre-Meet December &emdash; escm-dec2019-9119

At first, I thought I would arrive later in the evening, but I was getting a bit hungry. I figured I would just grab some sushi when I arrive so I headed out early and arrived right at the meet’s starting time. It wasn’t fully packed just yet, but there were plenty of rides already parked and more coming in along with me. I quickly parked and grabbed my camera to take a few shots before heading into Top Sushi for some food.

Alex Ventura: ESCM HIN Pre-Meet December &emdash; escm-dec2019-9099 Alex Ventura: ESCM HIN Pre-Meet December &emdash; escm-dec2019-9116

Once I was done eating some great sushi, I headed back out to the meet to see what all arrived while I was inside. There were a lot more cars than before. The parking lot was packed around Top Sushi and even stretched out in front of Kroger. I quickly covered the immediate area and venture out a bit snapping photos of a few rides that were further away.

Alex Ventura: ESCM HIN Pre-Meet December &emdash; escm-dec2019-9173 Alex Ventura: ESCM HIN Pre-Meet December &emdash; escm-dec2019-9141

It seems like I wasn’t the only one that came out of hibernation as I saw a few familiar faces that said they haven’t been out to a meet in some time too. It was good catching up with old friends and I continued walking around taking photos. Not sure how many of the cars out at this pre-meet will be at this weekend’s show, but there were definitely some show worthy cars out in attendance. How did you like the meet?

Check out the full gallery at https://www.alexventuraphotos.com/ESCM-HIN-premeet-dec-2019.

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