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Five Guys Car Meet July 2012

The first Thursday evening of every month down in Sugar Land, there’s a gathering of some nice rides at the local Five Guys Burgers and Fries restaurant.  This happened to be my first visit to the Five Guys car meet, and I was pleasantly surprised  with the quality of rides that came out to this meet.  There was a good handful of rides I usually do not see, maybe because they stay in the south part of Houston?  The meet was pretty chill with group of friends hanging out by their rides or grabbing a bite to eat in Five Guys. When I arrived there, the parking area had a good amount of rides already parked, with more rides pulling in and on their way. So if you happen to be free the first Thursday of the month, find yourself in the southwest part of Houston, and looking to hang out with some pretty cool folks and nice rides, make your way over to the Five Guys car meet in Sugar land. Here are some of the pictures….

Z’s and G’s lining up
I’ve been seeing a lot of this FR-S lately
Pretty low

Something different
No spots left
Yeah they came by to check out the meet
Pair of S2Ks hiding in the back


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