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Houston Coffee and Cars

Finally, after almost a year of absence, Coffee and Cars has finally returned to Vintage Park for their Saturday morning event. While every Coffee and Cars event is unique, this one tops them all, as money was being raised for two families with children who have lung cancer and a condition of the spinal cord. Aside from that, an area was cleared out for some of the rarest cars of our generation: two McLaren P1’s, two Porsche 918’s, a Ferrari Enzo, Ferrari LaFerrari, and a Pagani Huayra which was brought all the way from California by Instagram celebrity @salomondrin.

I arrived with fellow Houston Streets photographer, Grayson, a few minutes after the scheduled start time. By then the weather had cleared up and hundreds of people were already shuffling in-between and around the vast array of cars.

A lovely 650s captured by Grayson on the way to Coffee and Cars

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

RWB front

z06 Grey


Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

After taking some shots for a little while, I noticed a huge surge of people running and shouting towards the entrance of Vintage Park. This could only mean one thing, the hypercars had arrived. Watching a Huayra, LaFerrari, 918, P1, and Enzo all follow each other into the venue was an amazing experience. I never thought I would witness a spectacle like that in person, much less in Houston.


918 rear

Enzo 918

Huayra rolling in

LaFerrari Side


Post 6

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

I could bore you with the statistics of all of these hypercars, but at this point in time anybody who has an interest cars knows everything there is to know about them. Once they were all parked in formation, hundreds upon hundreds of people flocked in front of the ropes to witness these amazing machines. Rather than be caught in the middle of the frenzy, Grayson and I decided to walk around the rest of the event and snap some pictures of cars that had been abandoned in favor of the German, British, and Italian royalty.


Post 13

That low lyfe


Racing Bimmer

lw 458 3


Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

I thought that as time rolled by, less and less people would be angrily shoving their way to see the hypercars, but this was not so. In fact, a larger crowd had formed than before, so I was not lucky enough to capture as many shots of these cars as I would have liked to. Thankfully, Houston Streets photographer, Chris, was able to go behind the ropes while Grayson and I wandered around the event until everybody started to leave.


4c rear


Post 12

P1 taking off

Post 15



Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

Post 20
Not exactly the panda we all know and love, but beautiful nonetheless

Post 18


Advent Works: Return of Houston Coffee & Cars &emdash;

This has to be the most memorable car event I have ever been to in my life. Not only because of the incredible amount of cars and the exclusivity of some, but also because of the fact that it was used to help raise money for some children and families in need. In my opinion, this has to be the best hobby and/or lifestyle in the world, as it brings people together with one another, regardless whether they know each other or not. I’m glad I live in this time and age where I can enjoy such beautiful pieces of art, and watch as they captivate the minds and souls of myself and those around me.

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– Matt

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