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Houston Coffee & Cars March 2014

This months gathering at Coffee & Cars was another huge turnout, no question about that. Even with the morning’s sketchy weather, many enthusiasts from all over town came out to Vintage Park to enjoy this month’s gathering of various vehicles. With the past event constantly growing, there have been a few changes including no more cones for reserved parking spots and no more parking at HEB.

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I arrived before the official starting time, but not as early as many show up out here. When I drove by HEB they did have a few security guards posted at their parking lot entrances preventing Coffee & Cars spectators from gaining entrance for parking. I even spotted a few rides with parking stickers on their vehicles, they must have made it in before the guards arrived.

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I began my way through out the shopping center starting form the middle. There were just so many rides out here, I kind of jumped around different sections of the lot snapping pictures of whatever caught my eye.  After a while I spotted a wrecked Hyundai Genesis that had a very unfortunate exit while leaving. Over the years, there have been a few accidents at Coffee & Cars, the staff has stated that further accidents could end the event. Thankfully they decided to continue just with some changes.

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From Coffee & Cars facebook page; “Read and Share: Everyone, in April Coffee and Cars returns stronger than ever. We will be making many big changes to improve the quality of the gathering and not allowing a few idiots ruin it for all of us who truly enjoy this hobby. Sections (not cones) will be created in order to group cars together, yes the Exotic Car Street is coming back along with many other unbelievable surprises. You see, Coffee and Cars was created with the idea of showing unique, special machines to the world with a strong focus on children, seeing them smile and giving them the opportunity to experience these amazing machines first hand while all of us meet and chat with other gear heads, that’s the foundation. Whether it be a classic, a hot rod, a rat rod, a DeLorean, a JDM build or the latest exotic. This is what draws us together and we will protect this idea. We will have very strict rules as far as burnouts and racing on the feeder, the event will welcome those who understand what the event is and those who share the same mentality. All others who are there to cheer on the burnouts, do the burnouts, etc. will not be welcome and will be asked to leave, every section will be policed and the quality of the event will improve. Additionally, if you plan on going to Coffee and Cars to promote other events or venues, please do not go. We strongly support charity events but will not entertain the passing out of flyers, placing flyers inside cars or people promoting other venues. After our March gathering, we learned a lot and realized these changes are necessary for the event to continue for a very long time, we will not let a few people ruin it. Now on to some amazing announcements, April WILL BE our largest gathering of supercars to date! Stay tuned as we announce what’s coming, to start, the announcement of the Ferrari Enzo returning in April! See you April 5th.“ Follow them for latest info on Houston’s Coffee & Cars events.

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