Event Coverage Video 

Imperial Model Meet 2

Better late than never! Finally being able to get the video and pictures done wasn’t easy. Having to switch different video editing software’s and having slight technical difficulties made it an adventure for me to get this coverage.

After arriving at Imperial Collision at around noon, we began to set up all the tents and booths, I was able to get some small video clips of the event and capture some images to get our coverage. I really hope you enjoy!



Always BRK-NKS!

17Derrick’s 240 is one that will always catch my attention!

12Kicking off the beats was non other that DJ Exclusive! Had me feeling like I was in the club!

5Got to catch a glimps at the model booth of the Calendars being signed!! Calendars are still up for sale at http://adventworks.net get them while you can!

For complete gallery click here

-Andrew DK Ruiz


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