Jordan Castillo’s Honda Civic

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Beginning my journey with Houston-Streets rolling up to Eat Sleep Car Meet in my Del sol, I stumbled upon this Beauty and her owner. Little did I know I would end up joining Jordan’s Crew (Chaotic Society) for the majority of the time while I still took my Del sol out lol.

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

March of 2013 is when Jordan decided to buy his stock fg_1  as a daily to and from work. He came across an 8thgencivic forum which then sparked his imagination to all the glorious things he could accomplish with his car. Starting out with his first set of coils, his addiction grew more into what you see today.

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

Jordan always showing support for Houston Streets with his Wrist band!!


Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

Beefing up his interior here is a shot of The Nrg quick hub disconnect, along with his blue pearl Grip Royal steering wheel and custom shift knob!

Jordan's Houston Streets feature

Watch out for his flared out exhaust!! I tripped of it one time lol!

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

Showing off his tucking game air out on the frame.

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

As the President of Chaotic Society he always has to keep his game up!

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

Jordan hints at new plans for his whip in the coming year!

Jordan's Houston Streets Feature

Dubble Bubble, more than just gum!


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