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Lone Star Drift Round #1

I live for drifting, and I have been to countless events in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York to shoot pictures, get rides, and later on drift my own car. Naturally, when I heard the first round of Lone Star Drift event was coming up, I knew that I absolutely had to go, and it didn’t disappoint. Spanning two days, with literally three digits’ worth of drift cars, and two competitions, it was an impressive spectacle.

The first day I was there, I just focused on taking in the pits and the wide variety of cars and styles. It ranged from extremely polished at-home-at-Ebisu style builds…

…to homebrew builds-in-progress.

By far the most entertaining thing for me, as a spectator, was watching tandems pop up in the open drift portions of the day (which ended up being a majority of the time)! The format of the track made it extremely easy to tandem with any willing partner on any given lap, which was something I’m not used to seeing. It made for a fantastic environment for spectators.

Even the event organizer Aaron got in on the fun in his personal C6 drift car, despite the stress of running a multi-day drift event with two judged competitions.

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts caused me to miss day 1’s competition but I was able to shoot parts of day 2’s. They’re in a familiar lead/follow, follow/lead two-run format, and despite the track being not an overly technical layout, it was massively entertaining to watch as people attempted to get within inches of the back barrier and their lead car’s door.

Whether you’re there to compete, spectate, support a friend, or just practice your skills, it’s nearly impossible to find anyone at a drift event who’s not having a great time, and Lone Star lived up to that vibe. Even as a newcomer to the event, knowing only one person driving there, I came home with tons of new friends and a permanent smile plastered on my face. I look forward to being able to drive my personal car there and shooting more pics in the future!

View the rest of the pics in my gallery here: Lone Star Event 1 and if you happened to drive this event and do not see a picture of yourself, please get in contact with me. I took more pictures than are edited and hosted, so it’s possible I got your car too but missed it on my first runthrough of the photos!

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