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Low Life Car meet #1

Getting all caught up in the feels again! Having meets at Happy tea house sure brought a lot of memories back. Hoping that it wouldn’t rain too bad, I got my gear out and began to get coverage.

Low life coming together with Happy Teahouse, presenting you with one bad ass meet!

Low life (12/26/15)

Jordan’s set up exterior and interior sure has a way of grabbing attention!

Low life (12/26/15)

For Chris and Marcos’s (Low Life creators) first meet, it sure was an event to remember, despite the on and off of rain fall throughout the meet.

Raffle prizes, live dj, great people, this meet sure will be one that we are hoping to keep coming around!

Rogers’s slammed Tc, static all day, having his show car breaking necks all day.

Low life (12/26/15)

You may recognize the decal placement on this RHD rx7, from the “Initial D” white rx7

Low life (12/26/15)

Low life (12/26/15)

Hardly seeing any clean preludes out nowadays, this one has to be one of my simple/clean favorites.

Low life (12/26/15)

I think we know who he is not voting for lol.

Soon after I arrived, Alex showed up as well and got his coverage.

As the night progressed, the turnout continued to grow as well.  We continued for most of the duration of the meet, continuing with our coverage and dodging the burst of rain every.  Some people ended up leaving after the rain picked up, but it only lasted a few minuted.  The meet was still going on.

Even though some people proceed to doing unnecessary burnouts, thankfully were not kicked out. Come on people, relax with the burnouts and revving of your engines.

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-Andrew DK Ruiz

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