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LowLife Meet #2

At it again “Low life” brings to us their second successful meet! Despite the two 18 wheeler trucks that were parked in the way lol. I decided to get there early (around 5:15 pm)  for some pictures before the sun went completely down, and as always cars were already showing up. While Alex and Joey were en-route, I started our Houston Streets coverage.

Here is a couple shots of the rides that were there early!

Low Life x Happy teahouse

Low Life x Happy teahouse

Low Life x Happy teahouse

With Alex and Joey arriving to get their coverage, I headed over to talk to Chris about the 18 wheeler trucks. ( With that being said he actually got one of them to move out of the way) unfortunately the other one stayed put, lol I think he was asleep in the cab.

As night approached all three of us busted butt to get coverage of all the rides there, here is the aftermath from an awesome meet!


Apokalypse always staying fresh!

RX7’s. (nuff said)

UGH make me want my 240sx back already!

Low Life x Happy teahouse

checking out the goodies to see all that “Low Life” has to offer us!


Javier’s clean custom G35 interior is on point!

A member of “Team Epik” showing his true colors!

About halfway through the meet “Low Life” started up their raffels, oh did i mention you get a free ticket!! I sadly didn’t win any prizes that night lol. With their live DJ putting in work, they got the classic musical chairs going. I would have probably played, but the thought of me busting my butt falling down in front of everyone was a no go haha!


yo! thats low!

Low Life x Happy teahouse

surprise modeling on the spot!

Souppppppppp anyone??


Love this Subaru!!!!! clean mean killing machine!

Low Life x Happy teahouse

Wrapping our coverage, I want to thank the whole “Low Life” staff for throwing an upbeat organized meet! These meets will continue to grow and get even better!

For my full gallery click here.

For Alex’s full gallery click here.

For Joey’s full gallery click here.

I hope you enjoyed our coverage for “Low life’s” second meet, stay tuned for more coverage!

-Andrew DK Ruiz

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