Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

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With the new year underway Team Prestige Alliance threw their first meet of the year, and may I say this was an awesome event! After speaking to the leader of Prestige Alliance, it is said that we will be getting more frequent meets.  With Alex in New Mexico, Joey and I got all the coverage we needed. From bagged to static, import to domestic, form to function there was a little bit of everything here!

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

I think shes winking at me 😉 lol props on the parking spot!

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

Kicking it with the old school!

After taking a few shots Prestige Alliance members started handing out tickets/coupons for Freebirds! With the purchase of an entree you get free chips and salsa or queso. Yeah cant go wrong with that!


Joey getting clean shots from the meet!


Clean combo in the mix!

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

Great family pic with Chaotic Society!

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

The guys from Team Swift stopped by, looking sick as always!

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1


Joey spotted some bts drone action! He even had a small photo shoot of his one around the corner of the meet.


This matte grey finish on the Vette has a simple and clean approach to it!


Which wheels are better to you?? top or bottom??


While wrapping up this event just wanted to say a couple things

1: It is a family friendly event!

2: The people running it are very respectful and cool.

3: You’ll get a good variety of cars and trucks attending.

4: The only thing i heard some others talk about was having a DJ present.

Prestige Alliance x Freebirds #1

Rob just killing it with the sick paint job on his M3!

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-Andrew DK Ruiz

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