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Sevensday 2018

Sevensday, usually held on 7/7, is a celebration of Mazda rotary culture, made most prominent with Mazda’s automotive legend of the 90’s, the FD RX-7. This year had three official events – one in NYC, one in Southern California, and one right here at Final Form Headquarters in downtown Houston. The turnout was incredible.

Featured prominently were the Final Form cars themselves, which have become rather iconic locally.

There was a wide range of rotary-powered vehicles on display though, including a classic Toyota Starlet with a single-turbo-converted 13B designed to run 8’s in the quarter mile. The car only had a 3 gallon fuel cell to minimize weight, and ran on methanol.

For fans of more classic Mazdas, there were some very period-correct first and second gen RX-7s, including this FB on Enkei92s…

…and this 100% early 90s style FC on Super Advan SA3Rs.

If the RX-8 was your favorite Mazda rotary product though, no fear – there were plenty of gorgeous examples of those as well. The one that caught my eye as being my 14-year-old-self’s dream car was this perfect blue RX-8 with the R3 appearance/performance package. A limited run, seeing one in totally stock, mint shape still driving around is quite a rarity.

For fans of the more wild look, another R3 model with a widebody kit was there as well, with a full set of aggressive TE37’s to boot.

There were plenty of gorgeous cars there outside of solely rotary-powered models, even other Mazdas, like this lowered 3 hatch that gave me a serious VIP vibe.

For a rotary meet, a shocking number of S-chassis cars all showed up as well, all in astounding states of cleanliness and style. Seeing a Sileighty was just as exciting to me as seeing all the wicked rotary cars, as it’s a style I’ve loved for ages, but rarely see Americans bother with the hassle of converting to.

Growing up an Initial D nerd and absolutely loving the RedSuns team, I fully admit my heart skipped a beat when I saw this perfect, completely stock, R1 manual model parked out front, as it looked like it had just been driven up by Keisuke himself.

Overall, it was a fantastic show, and as a rotary fan whose ultimate dream car is an FD, it was a feast for the eyes and ears.

Check out more pictures and coverage of the absolutely wicked selection of vehicles there at my site! Sevensday Coverage at Tony’s Houston Photography

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