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Space Bound Hookah Meet #5

After a wild weekend at drifting, it was nice to go chill out at a laid-back evening car meet in Pasadena. The crowd filled the small lot, and the Houston 86 Club came out in force, as the event organizers Scott and Dorothy are members with a white ’13 FR-S.

Over a dozen FT86s showed up, which would have been unheard of in my hometown of Cleveland, OH. With snowy weather being a problem half the year, most people opt for FWD or AWD tuner models, but in Houston, with rain being the only bad weather we get, the 86 is a logical choice for a daily/show/track car.

Other clean builds outside of the FT86 showed up. This lowered Cadillac caught my eye as a tasteful, understated luxury cruiser, and a 640 HP Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution complete with window numbers from a recent drag strip run ensured that power builds weren’t forgotten about.

A legitimate 180SX and a JZX90 Chaser, both RHD JDM models that were never sold in the US, rounded out my favorites at the meet.

Overall, it was a great turnout for a local recurring meet, and I look forward to the next one! See the rest of my gallery here: Space Bound Hookah Meet #5

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