The Woodlands Cars and Coffee for a Cause November 2020Event Coverage 

The Woodlands Cars and Coffee for a Cause November 2020

It’s been a while since I have attended a car meet, let alone written up event coverage for one. I didn’t have a full schedule this past Sunday, so I figured I would try to make it out to a car meet. With it being the first Sunday of the month, I remembered that’s when one of my favorite gatherings would typically take place.

Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9356 Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9370

I headed up north with the family in tow to check out The Woodlands Cars & Coffee for a Cause charity event hosted by Woodlands Performance & Suspension. When I arrived, several vehicles were already on display filling up Marketing Street. Since we didn’t have anything to eat yet, we grabbed a quick bite at Sweet Paris. Once done, I grabbed my camera and took off my hoodie as the temperature had already risen to a comfortable level. It was a cool early morning.

Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9378 Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9399

I walked up and down Market Street, checking out the various rides and taking pictures of a good portion of them. I wasn’t quite sure what kind of turnout to expect with everything going on this year, but to my pleasant surprise, there was a great turnout. I continued taking pictures until the streets started cleaning up.

Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9422 Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9438

If you are not familiar with this event, it’s hosted on the first Sunday morning of each month. Each quarter, a different organization is selected to be the beneficiary of the charity. The event is free to attend. Parking is first-come, first-serve while donations are requested as you park your vehicle on display. Anything you have helps, even if it’s just spare change.

Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9457 Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9503

This quarter’s donations are going to Inspiration Ranch. With Covid restrictions canceling prior events in the year, there were also event t-shirts on sale with the proceeds going towards the second and third quarter charity organizations. If you would like to contribute, please reach out to WPS!

Alex Ventura: TWCC November &emdash; twcc-nov2020-9377

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