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Tony’s Pizzeria Meet #6

After a brief interlude of missing events due to a destroyed brake caliper on my personal car, I ventured to Tony’s Pizzeria for their sixth car meet, held in Clear Lake. The turnout was significantly better than previous events due to some great weather.

The hot hatch crew was out in full force, as seen by this Speed3 and MK4 GTI (riding on OEM BBS wheels). However, the main thing that I took away from this meet… is that there are some clean Hondas in Houston, and a large number of them were out in Clear Lake on Sunday.

These lowered static late 90’s Accord and Civic represented some of the tasteful, more restrained styling seen at the advent of the tuner scene’s birth in the United States.

At the modern, wild end of the spectrum was this Kraftwerks supercharged K20Z3-powered sleeper eighth gen coupe. The only hint to its power with the hood down is the extremely loud intake charge bypass valve that sounds like a small jet engine, and the 255/45 Falkens wrapped around the Konig wheels, tucked inside aggressive cut fenders.

Then going back to the roots of Honda in America was this 1981 second-generation Honda Civic, with a carbureted four cylinder mated to a three speed automatic. It was solidly in driven condition, but this is the kind of car I get excited for, as all modern economy cars sit on the shoulders of early models like this, and seeing working examples is rare.

The cleanest Honda at the show, however, was this gorgeous second-generation Type-SH Prelude. Lowered on air ride, with Nitto NT05s wrapping aggressive Gram Lights, an Evo wing, an STI front lip, and S2000 seats, it was absolutely neck-breaking.

Rounding out my enjoyable tour of clean Hondas were this EG hatch and EK coupe. The EG looks like it was brought in by Shingo himself from Initial D, and the EK bore Jackson Supercharged badges, hinting at serious power under the hood.

All in all, this still-fresh meet, while small, is a great time, and I honestly recommend it to people in the Clear Lake area. The pizza is great, and the car selection is always varied, as you can see at my full gallery:  https://tonyshoustonphotography.smugmug.com/Tonys-Pizzeria-Meet-6/i-KW68Ld7

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