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It was that time of the year again, when some of the most powerful street cars from Texas and all over the United States gathered on a 1/4 mile drag strip for the ultimate pissing contest. For this year, TX2K was held at Royal Purple Raceway down in Baytown, Texas. As my Dad and I drove from Pearland on Sunday morning for the last day of the event, we passed numerous GT-R’s and heavily modified mustangs until arriving at the Royal Purple Gate. After sitting and admiring the array of Supra’s and GT-R’s for a while, we finally made our way to the car park and set off to take pictures and enjoy the show!

GTR sleeping

GTR on jacks

JOTECH vendor 2
JOTECH MOTORSPORTS booth with some beautiful car parts on display!

One of the most amazing parts of TX2K was to walk around the parking lot, as numerous groups and teams had their cars lifted on jacks and were working on last minute adjustments or repairing heavy damages. In one lane there would be cars such 240sx’s, Supra’s, or lightly modified Mustang’s, but walk to the next lane and your eyes would be greeted with fully built GT-R’s, Ferrari’s, and Lamborghini’s!

EVO pits


M4 matte
I’m not a huge fan of matte paints, but this M4 in Frozen Grey was stunning!

After snapping a couple of more pictures, my Dad and I headed over to watch the cars race, as the drag strip had just become hot. I had never been to Royal Purple before, let alone any drag strip, so watching these beautiful machines make clouds and hurt feelings certainly got my adrenaline pumping!

CTS Coupe burnout

Cobra takeoff

1320 video film crew

Kawasaki burnout

Neon burnout

Supra battle

Burnout after burnout, pass after pass, and picture after picture, I was enjoying this! Eventually, the strip went cold to prepare for the next batch of cars, so I took the opportunity to head down from the stands and grab some more shots of the parking lot and of the pre-stage lineup of race-cars.

EVO turbo
Whats that saying again, “There’s no replacement for displacement?” Right…


R8 TT front

Supra Booty

There’s nothing like a polished and single turbo’d 2JZ!

TT Camaro

2JZ powered RX-7 before it collided with an 1100 HP GT-R

As I was snaking in-between cars, my ears were greeted with the sound of pistons firing and exhausts bellowing, which was my cue to head back to the strip. I was able to get close to the staging lights this time, and from there eventually moved back up to the stands.

Foxbody lift

GTO burnout

GTRS launching

Mustang burnout

911 turbo staging

Lexus IS burnout
2JZ IS300 which made a mid 7 second run at 190 MPH!

A good majority of the cars that ran where powered by the legendary 2JZ engine from the Toyota Supra, from RX-7’s, Lexus’s, and even a rare R32 GT-R!

R32 front

Camaro SS staging

GTR near miss
The owner of this GT-R must have been sweating, as he swerved all the way over from the left lane and came within inches of the wall!

After watching a few more runs, my Dad and I decided that we should head out, as I still had homework to do and had already developed a nasty sunburn. On my way out, I snagged a couple of more pics and then headed home. While i was disappointed that I left right before the world record breaking pass for a GT-R occurred, my experience at TX2K15 was unforgettable, and I hope to be attending next year’s race!

Supra flyby

Supra blue pits

Subie ass

GTR alpha 12


S2K trailer

Royal Purple Raceway Facebook Page | Website

TX2K Facebook Page | Website

– Matt

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