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University of Houston Auto Club Meet #5

Last Thursday, February 4, I finally had the opportunity to go to the 5th meet hosted by the University of Houston Car Club on campus. Ever since I joined the club at the start of school last year, I had been wanting to go to one of their meets, but always had something come up beforehand, not this time though. After meeting with a couple of friends and admins of the group after our last evening class, we headed to our parking garage, turned our keys, and drove towards the meet spot.

UH Auto Club Meet 5-2

Most of the admins thought that not many people would show up, due to the fact that it was a bit chilly, but after about fifteen minutes, a good number of people started to roll in and fill up the spots.

UH Auto Club Meet 5-11

Always a pleasure to see a 240sx in stock form.

UH Auto Club Meet 5-10

A nice and clean S13 next to the red S14 above.

UH Auto Club Meet 5-13

This Toyota Celica was sporting an Akina SpeedStars sticker on the front left headlight. Always nice to know there is another Initial D fan in the audience!

UH Auto Club Meet 5-7

My friend Gene representing UH on the rear window of his Monte Carlo.

UH Auto Club Meet 5-15

I hope they do as well…

UH Auto Club Meet 5-20

No meet in Houston these days is complete without a GT-R showing up. Not to mention that the owner may or may not have done a few donuts in the parking lot…

UH Auto Club Meet 5-19

Parked hard with a few members of the UH G family.

The meet turned out to be a lot of fun! A good number of enthusiasts came out and everybody was very polite, funny, and friendly. If you’re interested in coming to the next UHAC meet, you can request to join our Facebook Page here. The next meet will be held  Thursday, February 18 at 7:00 P.M. at the corner of Elgin and Cullen. Hope to see you guys out there!

More pictures from the meet can be viewed on my Flickr, here!

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  1. Baldeep

    Sick ass orange truck bro it must be pretty fast more than that green grey G on the right

    1. Matt Mendoza Matt Mendoza

      Lmao most likely so

  2. 1.8SR5

    FYI TOYOTA Corolla not Celica,

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