With all the upcoming events, shows and meets coming up I had time to get the boards out of the garage (LOW CAR PROBS) and attend Mayday Garage’s Premeet for Wekfest. I arrived at around 3;45 and surprisingly people were already showing up 2 hours a head of time.

As the event got closer to start time, more and more cars started showing up with all makes and models. Getting as much coverage as i could was next to impossible, but still achieved. This meet had to have been probably one of the most attended meets Ive ever been to!!!! GOTA LOVE THE HYPE!! this meet was booming! From race to show and stance to track every type of car was there. Sorry to say if you missed out…Then you really missed out!



Finally after the long wait of the dreadful line for wekfest I got the coverage we all have been waiting for lol.

– Andrew Ruiz



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