08 American Jobs People no longer want to work.

Coal Miner: Due to concerns about safety, health risks, and the declining demand for coal, fewer people are pursuing careers as coal miners.

Farm Laborer: The physically demanding nature of farm work, coupled with low wages and limited job security, has led to a decline in people

Fast Food Worker: Fast food jobs often offer low wages, long hours, and limited opportunities for advancement,

Factory Worker: The rise of automation and outsourcing has resulted in a decreased demand for manual factory labor,

Postal Worker: With the increasing use of digital communication and declining mail volume, the demand for postal workers has decreased,

Newspaper Reporter: As the print media industry undergoes significant changes and faces economic challenges,

Retail Salesperson: Retail jobs can be physically demanding, offer low wages, and have irregular work schedules

Taxi or Ride-Share Driver: The rise of ride-share services and self-driving technology has impacted the demand for traditional taxi and ride-share drivers

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