08 Ways to improve your life with a pool noodle

Pool Noodle Float: Use a pool noodle as a floating device in the pool or while lounging in a body of water, providing support and relaxation.

DIY Floating Cooler: Cut a pool noodle into sections and string them together, creating a floating ring to hold drinks and snacks while enjoying the pool.

Door Stopper: Cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise and attach it to the edge of a door to prevent it from slamming shut,

Cushioned Knee Pad: Fold a pool noodle and secure the ends with duct tape to create a soft knee pad for gardening, cleaning,

Garage Storage Bumpers: Cut pool noodles into small sections and attach them to the wall in your garage to prevent car doors from hitting

Pool Noodle Obstacle Course: Arrange pool noodles in various configurations to create a fun and safe obstacle course for children to crawl under

Protect Sharp Edges: Slice a pool noodle lengthwise and wrap it around sharp edges on furniture

Exercise Tool: Use a pool noodle as a resistance tool in the water for low-impact exercises, such as water aerobics or resistance training,

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