Rare and Unique Husky Colors

You Need to See

White Huskies are rare and require two parents with the recessive white gene. Some are albino but most have pigment. Albinism leads to disabilities and health issues.


All Black Husky

Black Huskies with blue eyes are stunning!


Isabella Huskies have white coats with fawn or dilute red shades, but aren't considered "true white" due to added color. AKC distinguishes them by black points.

Agouti and white

Agouti and white Huskies resemble wolves with their gray agouti fur mixed with white fur. They typically have white legs and faces, and an agouti stripe between the eyes.

Red tint

Red Tint Huskies have a sun-induced red tint to their black fur, while still being predominantly black and white.

Sable Huskies have a marbled coat with light roots and dark tips, creating a unique and striking appearance.



Piebald Huskies have white fur with patches of darker fur in various colors. 


Pinto Huskies, also called Splash Huskies, are bi-colored with white coats and splashes of another color throughout.

Red and white

Red and white Huskies have deep orange-brown fur mixed with white.


Black Huskies are uncommon due to the likelihood of developing other fur colors alongside black, even though the gene for black fur is dominant.

Tri-colored Huskies are rare with black, tan, and white coats.

Black, tan, and white

Gray and white

Gray and white Huskies are common with white markings and gray fur on their backs, sides, and heads.

Brown and white

Brown and white Huskies have a range of brown shades and bi-colored markings, but are not very rare.

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