7 best classic sushi rolls

California Roll: A popular choice with imitation crab, avocado, and cucumber, wrapped in seaweed and rice.

Spicy Tuna Roll: Made with spicy tuna mixed with mayonnaise, offering a flavorful and slightly spicy taste.

Philadelphia Roll: Features smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber for a creamy and savory combination.

Rainbow Roll: A visually appealing roll topped with slices of different fish, creating a vibrant and varied flavor profile.

Shrimp Tempura Roll: Contains crispy shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber, providing a satisfying crunch and texture.

Salmon Roll: Simple and delicious, featuring fresh salmon wrapped in seaweed and rice, showcasing the natural flavors of the fish.

Vegetable Roll: A vegetarian option filled with a variety of fresh vegetables such as cucumber, avocado, carrot, and bell pepper, offering a light and refreshing choice.

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