7 Common Ailments in Senior Dogs

Arthritis: Joint inflammation and stiffness, leading to reduced mobility and discomfort.

Dental disease: Accumulation of plaque, tartar, and gum inflammation, potentially causing pain, tooth loss, and systemic health issues.

Cognitive decline: Similar to Alzheimer's disease in humans, senior dogs may experience cognitive dysfunction, including memory loss and confusion.

Obesity: Weight gain due to decreased activity levels and slower metabolism, which can put additional strain on joints and organs.

Cancer: Older dogs are at a higher risk of developing various types of cancer, which may require medical intervention.

Heart disease: Degenerative changes in the heart valves or heart muscle, leading to reduced cardiac function and potential fluid buildup.

Kidney disease: Decreased kidney function, leading to impaired filtration and excretion of waste products, potentially causing dehydration and other complications.

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