7 Electrolyte Drinks for Endurance

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 Personalized Hydration

Gainful's electrolyte supplement is customized to your needs after answering a few questions about your goals, preferred activities, and body characteristics.

 Electrolyte Drink Mix

These flavor-packed drink mixes as great smoothie or water add-ins, high in sodium and better for heavy sweaters and intense activities.

 Electrolyte Drink Mix

Tailwind Endurance Fuel for endurance athletes due to its gentle sweeteners and added sugar for energy and hydration during long workouts.

Klean Hydration

 Using an electrolyte powder or drops to enhance hydration for heavy sweaters during exercise, and recommends a lower-sugar option for those who are also carb-conscious.

Sport Hyrdation

These tablets provide 300 milligrams of sodium, as well as some calcium, magnesium, and potassium, and are compact enough to carry around in a gym bag.


DripDrop electrolyte powder for its flavor, with a no-sugar version also available, and notes that it contains magnesium and adequate amounts of electrolytes when mixed into a beverage.

Sport Electrolyte Mix

Nooma is a natural electrolyte drink that provides 110mg of sodium, 35mg of calcium, 340mg of potassium, and 20mg of magnesium in a 12oz serving.

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