7 Recipes to Make This Spring

Dale Carter

Asparagus Pastry Puffs

Asparagus wrapped in puff pastry with a delectable cheese filling. Guests rave about these lovely and delicious treats.

Million Dollar Cake

Easy and refreshing tropical cake with pineapple and mandarin oranges. Quick to assemble with cake and pudding mix, and requires chilling before serving.

Spring Pea Soup

A soup for pea enthusiasts with sautéed potatoes for added texture and superb flavor. Inspired by a longevity-focused cookbook, it's a delicious and fulfilling dish.

Eggs Lorraine

Easy and elegant, this special-occasion dish is an absolute delight. Enjoy its deliciousness with ease.

Ambrosia Salad

Last-minute addition to the menu, this tropical fruit medley is delightfully simple. Enjoy the refreshing ambrosia salad with just five ingredients.

Fruit-Topped Blintzes

Family-fruity blintzes, inspired by a talented cook's restaurant experience. A delightful twist on the original, crafted with love.

Grilled Pineapple Chicken

A trip to Hawaii is easy with this juicy grilled pineapple chicken. Simply give it a quick marinade, fire up the grill and let it sizzle.

Halibut Soft Tacos

Enjoy wrapped in lettuce or tortillas. Mango salsa the grilled halibut, creating a quick, colorful, and nutritious warm-weather dish.

Orange Dream Mimosas

Your inner child will love this fun riff classic mimosa. Sparkling cider, ginger ale or sparkling grape juice for a nonalcoholic version.

Oat Waffles

These family favorites have more fiber and less fat than standard waffles. My 2 year-old daughter loves them with fresh berries.

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