7 Simple Ways to Increase Daily Physical Activity


Take the stairs

"Skip the elevator and take the stairs for a quick, effective way to increase heart rate, balance, and lower-extremity strength."

Lunge it up

"Add some fun and fitness to your shopping by doing walking lunges with the cart as a balance point."

Sit on an exercise ball

"Improve posture and core strength by swapping your office chair for a stability ball, and add gentle mobility stretches and exercises to your workday routine."

 Park far away

"Increase your daily step count by parking farther from the entrance in safe and well-lit areas."

Have more sex

"Spice up your workout routine with regular sex, which can burn calories, increase heart rate, and provide a fun way to move more."

Foster a pet

"Get outside, stay active, and give back to your community by walking dogs with your family."

Dance party

"Get moving and have fun with your family by dancing to your favorite tunes for a calorie-burning workout that improves balance and coordination."

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