8 Types of Astrological Compatibility Explained

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1. Social compatibility

Rising sign compatibility can strengthen a relationship, as it indicates a shared journey and support system, especially when in the same element or with sister signs, and activates engaging parts of each other's chart.

2. Personality compatibility

Sun sign compatibility can boost each other's self-esteem and bring grounding energy to the relationship, fostering mutual respect and understanding.

3. Emotional compatibility

Moon sign compatibility is essential for a lasting relationship as it creates a potent and otherworldly bond, allowing both parties to find refuge in each other and work together to grow and evolve.

4. Intellectual compatibility

Positive Mercury compatibility allows for open communication and cooperation, leading to a couple's ability to discuss challenges and find motivation and inspiration together.

5. Romantic compatibility

Venus sign compatibility helps keep the spark alive in a relationship by bringing out romantic and nurturing qualities and providing a road map to our hearts.

6. Sexual compatibility

Mars sign compatibility represents the physical connection in a relationship and can help develop a strong bond, especially when mixed with other synastry aspects.

7. Compatibility with values

Good Jupiter compatibility indicates alignment in philosophy and values, fostering a mentor-like relationship, potential for trust, and mutual pride in each other.

8. Long-term relationship compatibility

Effort and commitment are essential for a lasting relationship as Saturn tests the authenticity of our love, but with the help of benefics like Jupiter and Venus, the good times can be reminded.

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