9 Foods We Miss from Our Childhood We Wish Would Make a Comeback

Doug Collins

Altoid Tangerine Sours

Garnered near-unanimous praise, with many expressing their adoration for these "god-tier" candies and the desire for their return.

McDonald's Snack Wraps

As countless people express their longing for these beloved menu items. The demand for their return highlights the impact they had on customers.

Jagged Ice Powerade

The refreshing and satisfying experience it provided, especially during hot summer days. The anticipation for its return is met with excitement nostalgic taste.

Waffle Crisp Cereal

As cereal makers pushed the boundaries of sugary-sweet creations, making it a significant event in the realm of breakfast enjoyment.

Jolt Cola

The population, earning praise as one of the greatest sodas ever. The nostalgia and fondness associated with Jolt Cola highlight beloved beverage choice for many.

The Original Four Loco

A distinct and potent drinking experience. Its introduction marked a significant shift in the beverage market, captivating the of many young consumers.

Butterfinger BB's

Iconic candies withstand the test of time, while some fleeting treats ascend to candy kingdom fame only to vanish abruptly, leaving a sweet nostalgia behind.

Baked Doritos

Many surprised and nostalgic, as their existence remains elusive to most. With limited sightings and encounters, in the snack landscape has fueled curiosity.

Original Twinkies

A private equity firm, which led to their reintroduction into the market. The sentiment highlights a perceived difference in the beloved snack's taste or quality.

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