9 Horror Films You Might Have Missed

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Discover hidden horror movie gems that may have gone unnoticed, with recommendations from passionate genre fans.


"Vivarium" starring Imogen Poots and Jesse Eisenberg is a bizarre and otherworldly horror flick that would make Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling proud, and is definitely worth a watch.

Vivarium (2019)

Saint Maud is an under-the-radar horror movie worth watching for its breathtaking pacing and commentary on faith, but unfortunately not enough audiences got to see it due to the pandemic.

Saint Maud (2020)

Chloe Okuno's directorial debut Watcher, a Shudder exclusive, featuring Maika Monroe as a young woman with deadly suspicions about her voyeuristic neighbor, is a must-watch under-the-radar horror flick.

Watcher (2022)

"Soft & Quiet," the bold and inventive horror debut of writer-director Beth de Araújo, explores a simple meeting of women that takes a dark turn, and deserves more recognition in the genre.

Soft & Quiet (2022)

British comedian Matthew Holness' "Possum" is a haunting and poignant horror film that follows a disturbed man and his eerie puppet as they confront his traumatic past at his childhood home, and deserves more recognition in the genre.

Possum (2018)

Explore the terrifying world of a cult and urban legend in the underrated horror film, The Empty Man, featuring James Badge Dale and directed by David Prior.

The Empty Man (2020)

"Hellbender," a horror film co-directed and co-written by real-life mother and daughter duo Zelda Adams and Toby Poser, explores a sheltered young woman's dangerous abilities and deserves more recognition in the genre.

Hellbender (2022)

"Deadstream": horror-comedy found footage thriller co-written and co-directed by Joseph and Jessica Winter, featuring a disgraced internet personality's live-streamed haunted house experience.

Deadstream (2022)

Director Hannah Bergholm's Finnish fantasy thriller "Hatching," about a young girl who puts her family in danger by caring for a mysterious egg, is an under-the-radar horror flick worth watching for its bizarre imagery and clever symbolism.

Hatching (2022)

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