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Smashta noodles

A Reddit user suggested "smashta noodles", which is a dish made of fried rice with bacon or sausage and another dish made of fried ramen noodles with a hard-boiled egg on top, called a bird's nest.

Breakfast fried rice

One Reddit user strongly expressed their support for Breakfast fried rice, stating that it is a dish that anyone can enjoy regardless of their status.

Cinnamon Toast

One Redditor suggested "cinnamon toast," a simple yet tasty dish made by mixing cinnamon and sugar, spreading it over buttered toast, and enjoying the sweet and spicy flavor.

Rice and beans

A Redditor proclaimed "Rice and beans: delicious, nutritious, and so versatile. It's my go-to meal!"

Bread and butter

A Redditor shared their love for a simple and comforting snack, bread and butter, recalling fond memories of staying up late watching TV with a loaf of rye, a stick of butter, and a 2-liter of Coke.

Tomato soup and grilled cheese

Reddit users share their love for tomato soup and grilled cheese, with one mentioning that it is Gordon Ramsay's favorite meal and another recalling having it at a wedding in Montana.

Mac and cheese

Many Redditors expressed their love for Mac and Cheese with Dijon mustard, with one person even saying "it's really good."

Toast and butter

One Redditor praised the simple pleasure of toast with butter, while another user agreed and noted that it's a universally loved comfort food.

Canned tuna

A user shared their love for canned tuna, saying it's delicious and flavorful even though they could afford to buy actual bluefin tuna filets.

Grilled cheese sandwiches

A Redditor's confession: "Cheap white bread and American cheese grilled cheese sandwiches are the best."

Spam n eggs

One Redditor's suggestion of spam n eggs was so popular that another person replied saying: "Keep talking dirty to me!! Love it!"

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