Fast dark UFO spotted over San Francisco

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Some UFO sightings can be easily explained as known objects like the moon or a balloon, but there are other cases where the identity of the object is truly mysterious and subject to debate, making them all the more exciting.

A strange, fast-moving black streak with a changing shape and possible vapor trail was captured in a video reportedly taken in San Francisco, leaving its identity a mystery.

The unclear video of a strange, fast-moving black streak in the sky over San Francisco was speculated by viewers to be a murmuration of birds, which can appear as a single object from a distance and could explain the "vapor trail."

The fast-moving object in the video could be a flock of birds, which might appear as a single object and create an illusion of speed.

People recalls seeing similar glowing lights on Interstate , California, that disappeared when he looked back after a minute.

Mistaking a possible flock of birds for a UFO is not an uncommon occurrence, as it has happened on numerous occasions. In such cases, the birds' formation and movement from a distance can often create an optical illusion that appears to be a single, unidentified object in the sky.

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