ford mustang design history

Brooklyn Simmons

1965 Ford Mustang (1st Generation)

The original Mustang featured a long hood, short deck design, with a prominent grille and tri-bar taillights. It embodied a sporty and youthful appearance, capturing the essence of the pony car era.

Redesigned Front End (1967)

the Mustang received a refreshed front end with a larger grille and integrated headlights, giving it a bolder and more aggressive look.

Boss Variants (1970)

Ford introduced performance-oriented variants like the Mach 1 and Boss models. These versions featured distinctive design elements such as sporty stripes, spoilers, and unique badging, emphasizing their high-performance capabilities.

Mustang II (1974)

During the fuel crisis of the 1970s, the Mustang underwent a significant downsizing. The Mustang II featured a compact design with a smoother, more aerodynamic appearance, but it was less muscular compared to its predecessors.

Fox Body Redesign (1979) 

The third generation, known as the Fox Body Mustang, introduced a more squared-off design. It featured sharper lines, improved aerodynamics, and a wider range of engine options.

Aero Styling (1987)

In the late 1980s, Ford introduced a more streamlined and aerodynamic look for the Mustang. The front end became more rounded, and the body received smoother contours, enhancing both performance and fuel efficiency.

Retro-Inspired Design (2005)

With the fifth generation, Ford paid homage to the classic Mustangs of the past. The design reintroduced some of the iconic styling cues, such as a muscular stance, round headlights, and a prominent grille, while incorporating modern touches.

Bold Revamp (2010)

The sixth-generation Mustang brought a more aggressive and sculpted appearance. The front end featured a larger grille with a prominent horse emblem, while the overall body design showcased a combination of sharp lines and smooth curves.

Sleeker Profile (2015)

In the sixth-generation refresh, the Mustang received a sleeker and more aerodynamic profile. The front end was revised with a lower hood and narrower headlights, contributing to a more modern and refined look.

Modern Evolution (2021)

The latest generation of the Mustang continued the trend of a more futuristic design. It featured a wider, more muscular body, distinctive LED lighting elements, and advanced aerodynamic enhancements, embracing the fusion of performance and technology.

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