7 Morning Moves to Start Your Day

Rise and Stretch

Start the day right with a calming and restorative pose that stretches out hips, pelvis, thighs, and spine, relieving stress and fatigue.

Child’s Pose

Cobra pose helps increase spine flexibility, tone abdomen, and open chest & hip flexors. Perfect for deeper backbends, focus on alignment and avoid hunching.

Cobra stretch

Neck Mobility Stretch

Do the neck rotation stretch by sitting on the edge of your bed, rotating your neck in a circle, touching your ears to your shoulders. Repeat 5 times clockwise and counterclockwise.

Rotate your raised knee over to opposite side with shoulders touching bed, stretch arm out and turn head to feel stretch in upper body and back. Hold 15-20 sec, repeat on other side.

Spinal twist

Stretch your shoulders with the overhead shoulder stretch. Stand next to your bed, lace your fingers and raise your hands above your head. Hold for 10 secs and repeat 5 times, watching for any pain.

Morning Shoulder Stretch

Stretch chest, shoulders, neck, arms, and hips by reaching up with left arm while bending torso towards right hand on floor. Hold for 5 breaths, switch sides. Can be done seated or standing.

Seated side stretch

Standing quad stretch

Stand straight and hold onto the wall/chair. Grab your left foot with your left hand, keeping thighs lined up. Feel stretch in left thigh/hips and hold for 30 sec. Repeat on the right side.

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