Sneaky Salt

10 Foods with Surprisingly High Sodium

Cottage cheese


Swap high-sodium cottage cheese with Greek yogurt, a low-sodium source of protein, calcium, and probiotics.

Veggie burgers


Veggie burgers can be high in sodium due to added salt for flavor and texture, despite being considered healthy alternatives to meat.

Instant porrodge


Instant oatmeal can be high in sodium. Swap it for old-fashioned oats, which contain 0 mg of sodium, and add toppings like berries and Greek yoghurt.

Sports drinks


Skip sports drinks, drink water or coconut/maple water after exercise to avoid excessive sodium intake, says dietitian Alysha Coughler.

Biscuits and cookies


Beware of high-sodium in sweet treats, including 'healthy' versions of biscuits, cookies and brownies.

Canned veggies


Canned veggies and beans are high in sodium, so it's better to buy fresh or frozen without added salt.

Deli meat


Deli meat is high in sodium, with up to 700mg per serving. Try using leftover chicken, canned tuna, or boiled eggs instead, or opt for lower-salt options.



 Don't be misled by terms like "natural," "whole grains," or "fibre-rich" - always check the label for sodium content, especially if you have kids.

Pasta sauce


Store-bought pasta sauce can be high in sodium despite seemingly healthy ingredients. Choose lower-sodium options or use Italian seasoning instead.

Cocktail mixes


Bloody Mary cocktails can be high in sodium, with one drink containing up to 650mg.

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