the Haunted History of 7 Wisconsin Ghost Towns


The ghost town of Pokerville in Wisconsin, once a thriving settlement fueled by mining and timber industries, now lies abandoned with only forsaken structures and decaying infrastructure remaining as a testament to its past.


Fort Howard, a once-thriving military outpost turned ghost town, played a critical role in Green Bay's history, and while not entirely abandoned, it offers a glimpse into the past.

Fort Howard

Dover, a once-thriving community in southeastern Wisconsin founded by British immigrants, became a ghost town after the construction of a nearby railroad, now only marked by a few remaining graves.


Donaldson, a former bustling lumber town in Wisconsin, now a ghost town, offers a glimpse into the past with its abandoned relics and dispersed artifacts.


Dover, a once-prosperous town in Racine County, Wisconsin, was abandoned in the late 19th century after the Milwaukee Road railroad bypassed it, leaving behind only a few graves as a reminder of its past.

Fort Crawford

The ghost town of Cooksville in Rock County, Wisconsin, was once a thriving community centered around agriculture and commerce, but declined due to the advent of the railroad and isolation, now preserved as a historic district.


Ceresco was a communal settlement founded in the 1840s in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, based on the ideas of the French utopian philosopher Charles Fourier.


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