11 Unusual Flavors You Won't Believe Exist!

Wacky Oreos

Golden Oreo cookies with caramel and green apple creme. Returned for a second fall season, so someone must have liked them.

Caramel Apple

The Confusing Chocolate Banana Oreo with a Twist

Banana Split

Lemon Twist

Golden and chocolate Lemon Twist Oreos have a less potent creme than classic Lemon Oreos, making them different.

Candy Corn Oreos fail to impress due to overpowering sweetness.

Candy Corn

With limited time in stores, blueberry pie Oreos failed to impress. Who wants pie in cookie form?

Blueberry Pie

Jelly-flavored Oreo with a love-hate reaction, but at least no shirt stains from jelly filling.

Jelly Donut

Fruit Punch

Oreo's fruit punch flavor: a questionable choice.

Root beer lovers may enjoy these Oreos, but I'll stick to the classic float in a glass.

Root Beer Float

Rice Krispies Treats + Oreos = good. But in cookie form? Odd.

Marshmallow Crispy

Filled Cupcake Oreos = Chocolate Oreos + hint of creme. Too far from nostalgia. Probably just tastes like sugar.

Filled Cupcake

Berry Burst Ice Cream

Berry Burst Ice Cream Oreos are weird but not terrible, tasting more like Strawberry Creme Oreos.

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