what are the 7 warning signs of bone cancer

Bone Pain: Persistent or worsening bone pain, which may be dull or sharp, is a common symptom of bone cancer. The pain might become more intense at night or during activity.

Swelling and Lumps: Swelling or the development of a lump or mass in the affected area may occur. It can be tender to the touch and might progressively increase in size.

Fractures: Bone cancer weakens the affected bone, making it prone to fractures or breaks even with minimal trauma or stress.

Limited Range of Motion: If bone cancer affects joints, it can restrict movement and lead to stiffness or immobility in the affected area.

Fatigue and Weakness: As with many types of cancer, bone cancer can cause unexplained fatigue, weakness, and a general decline in energy levels.

Weight Loss: Significant, unexplained weight loss can occur with various types of cancer, including bone cancer.

Unusual Bone Growth: Bone cancer may lead to the formation of abnormal bone tissue, causing visible changes in the affected area, such as bony projections or deformities.

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